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Greek Life

Finding a Home away from Home: Bid Day 2018

When a sea of glitter floods the sidewalks on campus, it can only mean one thing: bid day has finally arrived. Bid day is the last day of rush week and Drake FSL (Fraternity and Sorority Life) recruitment on campus. On this day, prospective members receive bids to join chapters, and immediately following signing and accepting their bid, participate in their new chapter’s bid day activities. It is a time filled with celebrations, introductions and pictures to cherish.

For some people, bid day has absolutely no effect on their lives aside from the few days of social media spam, but for others, it means everything. Not only is it a celebratory end to an exhausting week, but it’s a haven for many in their confusing new world. For incoming first-years, college can be daunting being in a new environment with new people and a new routine. A fraternity or sorority can become a student’s forever home that provides them with love and loyalty, sympathy and understanding and inspiration and opportunity, no matter where that may be.

Though rush week begins only a few days after first-year students arrive on campus, for prospective new members, it can feel like an eternity. Many students have been excitedly observing FSL for years now, anxious for their opportunity to join.

“We all had to sit on our envelopes for five or so minutes so there was a lot of suspense with that,” Liza Vinyon, a current first-year and new Delta Gamma, said.“But probably the best part was opening up the envelope, seeing what house you got into, and then getting to go outside and run and celebrate with your chapter.”

However, bid day is not only for the women. Anthony Adame, a first-year student, and new Sigma Phi Epsilon, reflected on his pre-recruitment thoughts.

“My expectations going into rush week were kind of low,” Adame said. “I did not want to rush social. I walked into the FSL Expo and I was just there to have a laugh. By the end of it, I was in awe. They made me feel like I was already one of them during the very first conversation.”

Now that it has finally arrived, many of these members, both new and old, could not be more excited for the years to come with their new brothers and sisters. Maddie Topliff, a sophomore who joined Delta Gamma her first year, shared how the experience was special from the perspective of welcoming the new members.

“It was fun being on the other side of things and being able to see all the excitement without being nervous like I was last year,” Topliff said. “I’m wholeheartedly happy for them.” Many FSL members in recent days have poured out positivity and praise when explaining their experiences so far. Feeling welcomed, supported and excited to have and make lifelong friends, Drake FSL is now a part of their identities that they proudly wear.

“I’ve never really felt like I had a place to call home until they came along,” Anthony said.  

With the stress and anticipation associated with rush week out of the way, many of the new members of Drake’s fraternities and sororities can now relax and get to know their new homes and families with a lifetime of support ahead of them. Drake University’s bid day 2018 has come and gone and for many, in place of anxiety and anticipation left happiness and excitement.  

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