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Anonymous students seek justice against accused Drake professor

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  1. mobestowhy says:

    I can assure you that no one on this campus knew what was going on with this case until now — it was all Drake legal and high-end administration. Faculty in the said department knew nothing, couldn’t figure out if they should sign students up for courses or not in this concentration. Zero information to everyone. The administration was (and this is generous) legally straight-locked by a bureaucratic apparatus: finish review, report findings, run through legal, mediate, try to find the most expeditious end. That’s my read. Drake’s not exactly flush with money now. And, the person accused of these acts is someone of color and a religious minority who may counter-sue for all kinds of perceived bureaucratic civil rights grievances. Drake handled this case brilliantly: kept him away from students and threatened him with tremendous legal fees that he finally relented. And, he had a lawyer from the first day. A resignation was/is perfect way to separate. Drake will have no more to do with him. And, well, do you know how hard it will be for him to get a job again teaching? There’s ZERO opportunity. His academic career is over. That’s what this article doesn’t realize. As a tenured faculty member, his resignation is an admission of guilt. Drake did a great job by getting rid of him quickly. No long court battle. He’ll never teach again.

  2. mobestowhy says:

    please delete second comment. i would like to leave on a pro-drake point. in the end, his resignation is in fact a victory for drake and the survivors. they/we need to realize that he will never teach again. my secondary gripe is just a gripe. i do not understand university legal and the complicated decisions that go on about confidentiality. the first message is in fact an important message, i hope, for survivors and the larger university.