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XXXTentacion’s “17” is one of the worst albums of 2017

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  1. Audoba says:

    Saying that it is the worst is a stretch to be honest. It is not good, but it has some positives. To be honest, X’s voice and production really hit me even though he did not put much emphasis on his lyrics. It seems that he concentrated more on those two as opposed to lyrics here, and even Kendrick co-signed it.

  2. Jessy Spankyboy says:

    I thought this was super insightful honestly. I think a lot of people are kind of riding this emo rap trend, and it’s refreshing to have an opinion that was perhaps less popular than the norm. I absolutely think you’re correct and I wasn’t a huge fan of it. It’s hard to brand yourself as a specific kind of artist and then go so completely in the other direction. I’m glad to see there’s still some honest reporting out there.