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Senate Elections

Student Senate general election results

The 31st Student Senate Session is officially complete as of 8 p.m. tonight.

The new Senators-at-Large are: 

Bakari Caldwell

JD Stehwien

Deshauna Carter

Olivia Wassen

Nick Johnston

Giada Morresi

Samantha Bayne

Kollin Crompton

Names are listed in order of the number of votes received. 

The new Equity and Inclusion Senator is: 

Jose Garcia-Fuerte

The new Academic Senators are:

School of Education 

Darbee Farley

Arts & Science Senator

Emily Anderson

School of Journalism and Mass Communication Senator

Jake Bullington

College of Business and Public Administration Senator

Daniel Newsome

College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Senator

Alex Maciejewski

Fine Arts Senator

Nicholas Black

If students have any questions about the election, they can reach out to electioncommission@drake.edu. 

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