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Meet your Student Senate executive position candidates: Vice President of Student Activities


Executive elections for the 31st session of Drake Student Senate begin March 23 at 8 a.m. and continue through March 24 until 8 p.m. Students will get a chance to elect four candidates to the four executive positions: Student Body Treasurer, Vice President of Student Life, Vice President of Student Activities and Student Body President.

There is currently one student who has announced her candidacy for vice president of student activities:

Anna Jensen | sophomore, news major

What role should the position you are seeking play in making Drake University a high-quality institution?

The position of VPSA brings quality events to campus, and they are both enjoyable and timely. SAB events often help students de-stress or are provided as alcohol alternative events, which helps make the university well rounded. Being a part of SAB on more of a micro-level has helped me become a better person because I am bringing acts to campus which makes me feel fulfilled, and I am listening to lectures and speakers that offer a viewpoint different than my own. I hope as VPSA next academic year, I continue to carry out the positivity and importance this organization brings to campus.

What top three goals/priorities do you hope to address during your term in office? What makes you qualified to achieve these goals?

My top three goals are enhanced community building, collaboration and inclusion. I really want to bring acts that promote diversity in a subtle way and re-affirm the idea that everyone is welcome and accepted and understood. I will work hard to make sure everyone feels that way through collaborating with multi-cultural organizations on campus and bringing acts that are loveable and different than ones in years past. I will do my very best to achieve this goal. Beyond those general goals, I want to introduce a new event: The “Last Lecture series.” This will encompass stories shared by seniors relaying their triumphs and regrets during college, and or something they would change or do if they were given more time at Drake.

What motivated you to run for office? What do you hope to get out of this experience?

I have been a part of SAB since my first year of college and am currently the Relays co-chair. I am absolutely enthralled with all the work SAB has done for campus and I surely would not feel as welcome at Drake without being a part of this organization. I have ideas and great organizational skills and love planning events — all of those passions pushed me to run for office. In the position I hope to grow as a leader on campus, a listening ear for campus and a better person internally. SAB has room to grow and I want to be the one that works to add new additions and make it a fully collaborative organization.


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