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Executive Student Senate elections see increased voter turnout


With a voter turnout of 37 percent, the executive election saw an increase in votes this year.

According to Election Commission co-chair Josh Hughes, voter turnout increased from the previous year.

For student body president, Nathan Paulsen got exactly 50 percent of the vote plus one, the precise number needed to clinch victory and avoid a run- off election against the second highest vote getter, Deshauna Carter.

The incoming vice president of Student Activities Anna Jensen ran unopposed.

Newly elected Vice President of Student Life Anna Gleason sustained a strong lead over current first-year Senator Nick Johnston, who won by more 460 votes.

Johnston is expected to turn the momentum from his nearly 400 votes into a general election bid, although candidates can’t officially announce candidacy for the general election until the evening of April 2.

The next student body treasurer is Ava Witthauer. Witthauer earned over 73 percent of the vote against Matt Craven.

After reaching out to the candidates via email, this is what they said about their successful bids for a seat at the senate table:

Student Body President: Nathan Paulsen

“It feels great having won the election for Student Body President. I feel honored and also motivated to get started and make a difference … I will be working with President Anguiano the next couple of weeks to ensure a smooth transition into next year!”

Vice President of Student Activities: Anna Jensen

“… While I enjoyed talking to organizations and crafting my platform, I am relieved it is over. Regardless of the fact that I ran unopposed, winning was emotional. I felt so honored to be given the opportunity to serve the student body, to hear how many people voted for me, and at the same time I was like, ‘Wow, I have so much to learn to succeed in this position.’”

Vice President of Student Life: Anna Gleason

“I feel a sense of relief associated with not having to campaign anymore, but if anything I am more nervous now than I was before. I think that stems from firstly the fact that my position starts essentially right after election announcements and secondly that campaigning was just getting the student body to vote for me — but serving my term is proving to people that it was worth it to do so.”

Treasurer: Ava Whitthauer

“I am absolutely honored, excited, and a little bit nervous to have won the election. Knowing that the student body believes in me as much as I believe them is a wonderful feeling and I will do everything in my power to satisfy the students.”

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