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The Times-Delphic wins 19 awards in Iowa College Media Association competition

The Times-Delphic staff, past and present, brought home 19 awards in several categories from the Iowa College Media Association (ICMA) competition last Thursday.

“We’re honored to have received recognition for the hard work our staff does each week,” said Jessica Lynk, editor-in-chief of the TD. “This recognition from the ICMA is rewarding and we are grateful to our readers for reading our paper.”

In addition to the 19 awards for the TD, Drake Magazine and Drake Broadcasting System (DBS) represented Drake’s media as well – eight for Drake Magazine and three for DBS.

Below is the full list of awards the TD won Thursday.

  • First Place, Best Sports Story – Katherine Bauer
  • First Place, Best Use of Social Media – Jake Bullington, Ellen Converse, Jessica Lynk, Tim Webber
  • First Place, Best Blog – Tim Webber, Sydney Price, Jessica Lynk, Adam Rogan, John Wingert
  • First Place, Best Headline Writing – Jessica Lynk
  • First Place, Best Opinion Writing – Chamindi Wijesinghe
  • First Place, Best Review – Parker Klyn

  • Second Place, Best Online Design – Jake Bullington
  • Second Place, Best Infographic – Jessica Lynk
  • Second Place, Best Sports Story – Madeline Cheek

  • Third Place, Best Online Edition – Jake Bullington, Jessica Lynk & the Times-Delphic staff
  • Third Place, Best Print Design – Michael Lopez, Jessica Lynk
  • Third Place, Best Opinion Writing – Jacob McKay
  • Third Place, Best Page 1 – Michael Lopez, Jessica Lynk
  • Third Place, Best News Photograph – Lórien MacEnulty
  • Third Place, Best Review – Jessie Spangler

  • Honorable Mention, Best Infographic – Michael Lopez
  • Honorable Mention, Best Feature Story – Clare Vanechaute
  • Honorable Mention, Best Headline Writing – Anna Zavell
  • Honorable Mention, Best News Story – Anna Jensen



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