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Wrinkles the bulldog statue has disappeared


The bulldog’s name is “Wrinkles.” Rather was “Wrinkles.” The bulldog statue went missing last year and the Olmsted Center has never been the same since.

“Wrinkles” is one of 15 fiberglass bulldog statues that were part of a “Bulldog Parade Project” created by the Student Activities Board (SAB) in 2007, according to the 2015 Drake Iowa Private College Week tour guide manual. “Wrinkles” also wore the signatures of the SAB members who created the project.

The disappearance wasn’t noticed at first, says former Vice President of Student Life Zach Blevins.

“We all kind of knew something was off, we just couldn’t pinpoint what it was,” Blevins said. “And then finally someone mentioned, ‘Hey, where’d the bulldog go?’ I think it was two weeks after the (theft) that I noticed it (was missing).”

Student Body President Thalia Anguiano also expressed sadness over the statue’s disappearance.

“… And then one day, it’s just gone,” Anguiano said. “That was really sad, ‘Where’s the bulldog?’”

Blevins reported the bulldog statue stolen to Drake Public Safety but Public Safety was unable to locate the statue either, according to Blevins.

There are no security cameras in the area where the statue was placed, therefore the alleged thief remains anonymous.

Anguiano worked on redecorating the statue with Blevins during the 2015 J-term.

The bulldog was used as a means to feature student-submitted photos of students’ experiences at Drake events like Relays and Homecoming.

“We wanted to replace the pictures of current students, so we spent hours over J-term cleaning it, sanding it, repainting it, getting it ready to go and poof … it’s gone,” Blevins said.

Both Blevins and Anguiano said it took weeks getting “Wrinkles” ready for the public eye.

“At first I was sad, Blevins and I worked hard on that bulldog,” Anguiano said.

Unfortunately for them, Blevins and Anguiano acknowledge there is little hope of seeing the beloved bulldog statue ever again.

“I think if we would have gotten it back, somebody would have (returned the statue) by now,” Blevins said.

Anguiano expressed further remorse for “Wrinkles.”

“R.I.P. to Wrinkles. If you see Wrinkles, please bring him back to Olmsted,” Anguiano said. “I will find Wrinkles by the end of this year.”

If students spot the bulldog, they can send The Times-Delphic an anonymous tip. Visit timesdelphic.com/news-tip.


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