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Does having the best record hinder World Series chance?



The Cubs have had quite the week. Breaking triple digits for wins, clinching the NL Central and still holding the best record in baseball.

As we come to the end of September and move into October — which is arguably the biggest month for baseball — we see records being broken, teams clinching divisions, wild card announcements and speculation on who we will watch in the World Series.

The Cubbies have reached a huge milestone in their franchise for the 2016 season. Not only has it been their best season since 2008, but they have officially won 100 games this season — a feat they have not accomplished since 1935.

Closing out the Cardinals 3-1 last week and then defeating the Pittsburgh Pirates Monday night put the Cubs into the 100 wins won category, the 99th team in baseball to do such a thing.

October is an exhilarating time in baseball, especially when you’re the fan of the true underdog team of the last century who is currently holding the best record in Major League Baseball and managing to break a couple records along the way.

But, there are still skeptics.

An article in the Chicago Sun-Times pointed out that the team who has and maintains the best record in the MLB at the start of postseason rarely wins the World Series. It cited a margin of only 7 percent since the Wild Card Series began officially in 1994.

This claim may hold a little weight with all things considered. The New York Mets, who made it to the World Series in 2015, are currently occupying one of the National Leagues wild-card seats. But, they have been treading water all season.

In a more perfect world, with the perfect situation, there would be the means and time to research this claim and rebuke it with one’s own lengthy argument.

This isn’t that time, however.

What we do know is this: the Cubs have the best record in Major League Baseball. They have a roster of hitters, the third best pitcher in baseball and leadership from renowned manager Joe Maddon.

They have the formula to produce a World Series victory from a pure numbers standpoint. There is reason to believe in the Cubs this year, there was reason to believe in them in 2015 and that was the first time in seven years that fans had cause to celebrate.

The point is this, the Cubs have a team the fans can hold on to.

In the weeks to come anything can happen.

The Mets could clinch the wild card, take the National League title and go on to compete in the World Series.

Then again, the Cubs could go on to continue their triple-digit win season, rest comfortably with a National League title win and compete in the 2016 World Series. Perhaps, even win it for the first time in 108 years.

For now, there is still cause to celebrate a triple-digit season. This is something Cubs fans have spent the last 80-plus years wishing and hoping for.

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