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Students gather to view first presidential debate


The lecture hall in Harvey-Ingham is filled with students of all grades and political affiliation watching the presidential debate together.

The watch party is being hosted by College Republicans and Drake Democrats, Student Senate and Drake Political Review.

Live voting is going on in the Harvey-Ingham lecture hall as the debate plays on the projection screen. PHOTO BY KATHERINE BAUER | NEWS EDITOR


“We definitely think that when it comes to debate, you just need to be more informed,” Vice President of Drake Democrats Ryan Tunink said. “It’s something you can do in a non-partisan way. You can watch debates and be a more informed citizen.”

Millennials outnumber baby-bombers this election year and have the potential to greatly influence this year’s election.

“I don’t think this is necessarily as much of a partisan generation as everyone thinks that we are,” College Republican President Logan Kentner said. “I think we’re wanting to listen new ideas.

Drake Democrats President Caroline Closson said that the watch party is important because not all students have access to a TV to watch the debate.


KCCI’s Laura Terrell is interviewing students to get their take on this election.  PHOTO BY KATHERINE BAUER | NEWS EDITOR


“I think it’s good to have a place on campus where the students feel free to come to, whatever party they’re in,” the senior political science and strategic political communications major said.

Those involved with the planning of this debate watch party encourage all students to register to vote. Tunink noted that early voting starts this week in Iowa.

Students can go to https://drake.turbovote.org/ to get more information about voting.

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