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Student Senate general election results

Results for the eight at-large seats and each academic senator were announced Tuesday night outside the C-store on campus.

Academic Senators:

Pharmacy and Health Sciences: Alexander Maciejewski

College of Business and Public Administration: Ava Whitthauer

School of Education: Andrew Treiber

School of Journalism and Mass Communication: Beth LeValley

Equity & Inclusion: Kenia Calderon

Updated 4/15 1:07 a.m.: Benjamin Morrett has won the run-off election for College of Arts & Sciences senator.


These candidates were elected to a seat around the Senate table and are listed in order of number of votes received:


Cecilia Bernard

Nathan Paulsen

Jacqueline Heymann

Russell White

Joseph Herba

Anna Gleason

Nina Hiller-Strong

Grace Rogers


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