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Homecoming engages Drake community, provides break


Homecoming Week festivities continue throughout the rest of this week with events sponsored by the Student Activities Board. The theme this year is “Red, White and Blue: We Love DU!”

“We want each year to be better than last year so we are always changing and adapting the events,” said Student Activities Board President Erin Griffin.

The week began with a performance and service event with magician James David.

His show on Saturday revolved around meaningful magic, and the project was devoted to making letters for the armed forces.

Monday, Milkshakes were served at Olmsted Breezway.

The Homecoming Carnival took place on Tuesday and included inflatable obstacle courses, jousting, caricature artists, musical performances and free food.

“I love the carnival because it is so inclusive of a variety of groups, which to me is what homecoming and coming together as a university is about,” said sophomore and homecoming co-chair Taylor Weigel.

The Chicago Boyz, an acrobatic team who competed on America’s Got Talent in 2013 will be performing at the Fine Arts Center on Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Thursday, the Nearly Naked Mile will take place on Helmick Commons.

Matt Beilis will be performing on Friday and the week will be wrapped up with tailgating on Saturday, followed by the football game.

“The service project is engaging Drake in the community,” Griffin said. “The Carnival, Chicago Boyz, Matt Beilis and the Nearly Naked Mile provide a study break and some fun for students.”

“Monday Milkshakes provide students with a pick-me-up on Monday. Tailgating supports the football team and wraps the whole week up. Overall we do these events for students, so they can have fun and enjoy their time at Drake,” Griffin said.

Although Drake Relays are still a while away, homecoming provides an opportunity for students to participate in activities that show school spirit.

“With homecoming, a lot of people step back from it and look at it as a way to bring out your school pride and show that you’re a bulldog,” said sophomore and homecoming co-chair Nicole Lanciloti.

Many students have attended these events in support of the Student Activities Board’s mission to bring all different types of students together.

“Homecoming is a really good opportunity to meet new people and to socialize with people in your classes,” Lanciloti said. “I also think with the diversity of the school, it’s a chance for all of those things blend.”

The significance of homecoming is reflected the week’s events. Weigel and Lanciloti hope that students take advantage of the opportunities to share in these traditions throughout the week.

“Overall, homecoming is important because Drake is a community and we must rally these students together and show our pride in this institution,” Weigel said. “It’s nice to take a week where everyone can represent Drake, celebrate Drake and show their Drake pride.”


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