Caucus Roundup: Jeb Bush’s Gaffe-tastrophes

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  1. A. Hick says:

    JEB! Bush is running because it’s “his turn,” and it’s expected of him. Which may or may not make him a happy man, but he appears to be trying to buy his way into the White House without the ruthless type of dark operatives his father and brother had, and with disastrous results so far. For different reasons, and in different ways, he is just as unfit for the office as his brother was.

    One thing to take away from all this is that no Bush (at least since probably Prescott’s father) has ever achieved much of anything on their own, and certainly no Bush ever won high elective office on their own merits. Poppy got where he got through grandfather George H. Walker and father Prescott’s banking connections, which set him up in business in Texas, and his oil related activities provided an opportunity for him to run front businesses for the CIA, and then enter government. He never would have achieved national elective office without Reagan choosing him as his running mate, and Lee Atwater then electing him. He didn’t do so well without Atwater in 1992.

    It goes without saying that W. was made president solely because of his father’s name and connections, and Karl Rove (and to a lessor extend Dick Cheney, who then ran the country after Rove and the Republicans on the Supreme Court put them in office).

    Now JEB! seems to think he can actually win something on his own. It’s not going to happen. America is NOT going to make the Bush mistake again. JEB!, despite his own money and the monied people supporting him, is one Bush too many, a day late, and a dollar short.