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Opinion Relays Edition

Stupid furniture of Drake: awful, ugly and unnecessary


Lights in Goodwin-Kirk:
The lights in the Goodwin-Kirk hallways are on the walls. They seem like a failed attempt to convince us we are all on a cruise ship. On dark days they cast an eerie glow roughly equivalent to a medieval dungeon

FURNITURE AROUND CAMPUS can be unnecessary and downright awkward to use. This writer highlights the stupidest furniture Drake has purchased around campus with student tuition dollars . PHOTOS BY JOEL VENZKE | PHOTO EDITOR

The display cases in Medbury Hall. PHOTO BY JOEL VENZKE | PHOTO EDITOR

Display cases in Medbury Hall:
Along the side of some of the Medbury classrooms are glass display cases. After a semester of looking at the items in them I have yet to figure out what they actually are. Sometimes I think they are aboriginal artifacts from somewhere in Africa. Other days I think they are fake Native American items. Whatever they are they are distracting.
Booths in Quad Creek:
When you sit in one of the booths at Quad you do not even have to bother lifting your food to your mouth. Your face is basically at table level. Sure sometimes after a long night, of studying of course, it is great to have your food at face level. Then there are the lunches where I would appreciate having to lift my food to my face.

Olmsted metal tables and stools:
I would love to watch a performance while sitting on a metal stool partially shaped with a butt dent … said no one ever. There have only been a few times when I have witnessed someone sitting at the awkward metal box and stool combinations. Each time they have looked like they needed a hug.

Sussman Theater's chairs. PHOTO BY JOEL VENZKE | PHOTO EDITOR

Sussman Theater’s chairs. PHOTO BY JOEL VENZKE | PHOTO EDITOR

Seats in Sussman Theater:
The chairs themselves are super comfortable. However, in the front they are way close together. At 5 feet 5 inches tall I have just enough legroom. I have no clue how my taller classmates manage. There is just too much contradiction. Your butt feels great, yet you cannot move your legs.

Desks in Meredith 101:
Squeaky, small and more trouble than they are worth. The desks in Meredith 101 are awful. God forbid you have to take a test on one. How are you supposed to write when you are constantly afraid of the desk crashing down and the accompanying glares? It is more convenient to write on your lap and ignore them all together.

Glass topped tables in Olmsted:
Everyone who frequents Olmsted has had a scare with the glass topped tables by Pomerantz stage. After you put something slightly heavy down the glass pops up and then crashes back down. Did I mention it is glass? They have and will shatter on people.  I am just waiting until it is me.

Rock benches:
Littered around the Old Main/Library part of campus there are numerous rock benches without backs. They are a lovely addition to campus because nothing feels better on a warm spring day than plopping your butt on a cold rock. In my three years at Drake, I have never once seen someone sitting on one.

Desks and tables in Meredith. PHOTO BY JOEL VENZKE | PHOTO EDITOR

Desks and tables in Meredith. PHOTO BY JOEL VENZKE | PHOTO EDITOR

Desks and chairs in Meredith:
Desks in Meredith are incredibly easy to move. They have wheels and fly right across the carpeted surfaces. I wish I could say the same of the chairs. The plastic chairs do not have wheels making them impossible to move on the carpet. After class it is easier to get up by moving your desk instead of your chair.

Televisions above Pomerantz stage:
Has anyone actually ever seen these turned on? Do they turn on? Since there is a large projector screen mounted in the center of Pomerantz stage I am confused as to their purpose. They look like they are from the early 90s and could crush an unsuspecting prospective student in an instant.

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