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Senate face-off: Meet your candidates

Emily Grimm, election commissioner of Student Senate, asked candidates running for executive senate positions, “What motivated you to run for office and what do you hope to get out of this experience?”

Candidates for Student Body President

Kevin Maisto – Junior, Marketing and Management

“After three years in multiple facets of Drake, I felt that my knowledge and my passion for the student body and improving the student experience would lead to positive and progressive improvements for Drake University. In everything I’ve done, I have always valued the growth and development that is experienced while in college and would only hope that Drake student would be able to reach the highest potential under my tenure.”

Josh Duden – Junior, Politics, LPS, Rhetoric and International Relations

“I became motivated to run for office when I fell in love with what Senate can do and how it can help students, organizations and the campus overall in need. I have the experience as an executive of the student senate, where I currently serve as Vice President of Student Life, to make these changes happen, but even more so, I am so passionate about Senate and Drake that I promise not to let you down. DU it with Duden.”

Candidates for Vice President of Student Life

Zachary Blevins – Sophomore, Politics and Strategic Political Communications

“My love of this school and the students that go here is what motivates me the most to run for office. Ever since I first visited Drake, I could tell that the campus culture was something special that you can’t find anywhere else. I’m running for VPSL because I see its role in Student Senate as an important component in ensuring a great college experience for every Bulldog that makes it to this campus. Therefore, I hope to get out of this experience a sense that students are having a great time, creating memories and making life long friends. Student Senate should be a facilitator in ensuring this, and that’s why I ask for your vote for Vice President of Student Life.”

Krysta Thomason – Sophomore, Psychology and Management

“As a member of Student Senate the past two years, I‘ve had the opportunity to be a part of substantial change on Drake’s campus. The work Senate does impacts not only current students, but students of the future, and I like to think I had a role in making it happen. I came to Drake with two goals: To get a degree in a field I love and to make a positive impact on the university. I have such a passion for improving the lives of students on campus, and that’s exactly what I hope to do in this position. By leading the Senate in a way that promotes positive change and holds each member accountable, together, we can do big things to improve the Drake experience.”

Skylar Borchardt – Sophomore, Law, Politics and Society

“I am running in order to increase the voices of students across campus.  Student Senate plays a vital role in the lives of students, but could hear their opinions more effectively.  I would like to host town halls for students to discuss the issues they see on campus, and how Senate could affect them.  Simple campus initiatives or large funding projects have the possibility to create immense change.  I’m inspired to run in order to create an open dialogue between students on campus and Senate.”

Candidates for Vice President of Student Activities

Erin Griffin – Sophomore, Elementary Education

“My love for SAB motivated me to run for Vice President of Student Activities.  As a first year, I applied to be on SAB committees, and then applied to be Homecoming Co-chair.  Though I didn’t get Homecoming, I was certain SAB was the place for me.  In the spring, I received an email offering me the Organizational Development position because someone had seen what I could bring to the table and was pushing me to do so.  I have thought about that time and time again — a fellow student saw what I could do and pushed me to do it. During my experience, I hope to share my love for SAB with members of the board and other students on campus and I hope to see the potential in other students and push them to see their own potential.”

Jared Freemon – Sophomore, Economics and Marketing

“I chose to run for this position because I have enjoyed my experiences on Senate and SAB and feel that I could be an asset in both of these organizations. When planning Homecoming last year with my co-chair, I enjoyed planning events that students enjoyed and also loved being able to serve the student body. Through Vice President of Student Activities, I know that I could do both of these things while contributing the informative, fun Drake experience for students.”

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