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Humans of Drake: Olivia Young

Each week photographer Sam Fathallah will be capturing moments around campus that involve a member of the Drake community. Check back each week to read more.

SONY DSC                        Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


First-year, Graphic Design and Advertising

“What were you laughing about just now?”
“I’m on Tumblr. There was a little bird running on an escalator and it just kept running. I’m easily amused.”

“So what are you doing on the ground?”
“I love sitting on the ground, I actually sleep on the ground sometimes. See, when I’m on the ground I feel like I can’t fall. That’s one of my biggest fears, falling. I remember when my little sister went to the edge of a bridge and that scared me to death. I guess on a deeper level, I don’t like falling in the same way I don’t like failing. I like to spend my life on level ground where I can’t hurt myself, where I have an understanding of where I am.”


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  1. Luke Nankivell March 9, 2015

    I wish I had started this when I was on staff. It’s a great way to capture the little moments on campus. LOVE the idea!

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