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Granziano sells Peggy’s Tavern to Wellman’s Owners


Peggy's co-owner, Graziano, may sell his bar share. PHOTO BY JOEL VENZKE

Peggy’s co-owner, Graziano sells his bar share to Tom and Anne Baldwin ¬†PHOTO BY JOEL VENZKE


Peggy’s Tavern, a popular local establishment in the Drake neighborhood, was sold last week to Wellman’s co-owners Tom and Anne Baldwin.

Former owner and Drake graduate Mark Graziano’s liquor license renewal request was denied by the Des Moines City Council in July. Peggy’s has remained open pending the liquor license appeal.

According to an interview with the Des Moines Register, the Baldwins do not plan to make any large changes to the neighborhood bar.

Peggy’s will re-open the first week of January as students return to campus for January Term.



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