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First-Year Senator Run-Off Results Announced

At midnight Tuesday, Russell White was announced as First-Year Senator after a run-off election with Casey Ringhofer.

According to Election Commission Chair Emily Grimm, 270 students voted in the run-off election.

White earned the majority of votes, leading with 61.8 percent.

In a previous interview the new first-year senator explained his reason for running.

“I just want to improve the state of the campus for everyone and just lend a helping hand as much as possible, White said. “What better way to help out my campus out, than through my own personal passion.”

Runner up Ringhofer is happy for White.

“It didn’t matter which one of us won, we each would have been great leaders in the position,” Runner-up Ringhofer said.

White will attend his first senate meeting in Cowles Library at 9 p.m. tomorrow.

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