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Bulldog bucks go online, merging three different accounts


Already this semester, a lot of changes have happened. The new IDs are in, doors have a new keycard system and President Maxwell is retiring. It’s a lot for students to take in, but there are some new ideas students may not yet know about.

The Bulldog Bucks system has also been reworked.

Before, Drake had three main systems that would pay for necessities on campus. There were Bulldog Bucks for the convenience store and off-campus dining purchases, E-Suds for laundry machines and Papercut for printing funds. If students ran out of money, they could add to one of the separate accounts. Now, these three functions have all been crammed into one thing — the new Bulldog Bucks.

Student Accounts Consultant Sara Heijerman explained that this change is all about simplifying matters for students

“It is obviously much more convenient to have all your campus commerce funds pulling from one account, rather than needing to add money to three separate pots,” she said.

Now students simply swipe their ID and can pay for laundry, printing or food. The money is all in one pool. Before funds could be added through the “My Drake Account” part of blueView. The same tab still gives students access or they can deposit money by visiting the Student Services Center in the lower level of Carnegie Hall.

Even better, students don’t have to worry about making the last minute end-of-the-semester rush to the convenience store to spend the rest of their Bulldog Bucks. Leftover funds from fall semester are carried over to spring. However, this money won’t continue into the 2015-2016 school year, so, in May, the rush will return.

This isn’t the end of the changes to the Bulldog Bucks system though. Heijerman said more improvements are on the way.

“Before the spring semester begins, we are planning to roll out a new capability to the Bulldog Bucks program that will allow students more control and flexibility on their accounts,” Heijerman said.

With this new plan, students will be able to view the balance of their account and the history of their transactions online or on mobile devices.

Security features will also be added so students can be sure their funds are safe.

Finally, parents and outside parties will be able to deposit money in the account without gaining full access to it.

These changes haven’t occurred yet, but the Bulldog Bucks system has evolved. Since it’s early in the school year, students are still deciding how they feel about the new idea.

“I think it’s pretty nice,” said sophomore Karena Riles. “It was kind of a pain juggling three accounts before, so it’s neat having everything together.”

Amidst all the positivity about the new system, senior Erin Mercurio is not so sure.

“I liked the old system. You couldn’t spend your laundry money on food at the C-store, but I think I may accidentally do that now” she said.

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