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Relays Edition

Time•less: without beginning or end; eternal; everlasting.

By Kelly Tafoya

speedcover-w2000-h2000In this day and age, it’s hard to take the time to stand still and absorb everything as it is in this moment, whether it’s our evolving technology or our culture that’s obsessively busy. We’re always looking behind or ahead, and both don’t allow us to truly appreciate the traditions that have endured throughout the years and have maintained permanence throughout multiple generation’s lives.

While Drake University has seen many changes throughout the years, many foundations have remained and represent the timeless traditions that make this community unique.

The meaning behind being a Bulldog is timeless. From the true definition of timeless himself, Paul Morrison shares his journey at Drake University with us and how whether you’re a Bulldog from years and years ago or are a new Bulldog, the pride and meaning of being one has not changed.

Then there’s Drake alum Patti Miller, who set off for the journey of the lifetime to advocate for equality in the deep South in the iconic summer of 1964. The enduring legacy of her work and others like her has a lasting influence today.

Influence on a political scale is also a lasting occurrence in Iowa with the caucuses being held in Des Moines every four years. The opportunities this presents for students offer one-of-a-kind encounters with potential presidential candidates.

All good things must end. The announcement of beloved President David Maxwell’s retirement being one of them, in this issue he reflects on his time here at Drake University and some of the memorable highlights.

Alums also take the opportunity to reminisce about eateries that no longer exist but were a staple for the Drake community many years ago.

Finally, Relays has been an abiding tradition that has survived the test of time and is a testament to the commitment the Drake and Des Moines community give to make it a success year and after year. Whether you’re a community member who participates in the runs, a student who partakes in Street Painting or an alum who comes back to reunite with college friends — the Drake Relays have proven timeless. Happy Relays!


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