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Students prepare for Relays with smart choices

Story by Katie Ericson

Relays is coming up in just under a month, and everyone is getting excited about the great track events, street painting and, to be honest, the drinking.

It is common knowledge on campus that the week of Relays consists of a lot of partying.

It is perfectly fine to go out and have a great time, but a big danger that comes with Relays is drunk driving.

Especially when going downtown, there is a risk you may find yourself tipsy at the end of the night and needing to drive yourself, and possibly your friends, home.

“People really don’t think during Relays,” said senior Tessa Betchwars. “They do whatever they want to do and things can get really bad.”

At the time, it may seem like you are OK to drive, but you most likely are not.

Reaction times are drastically reduced after drinking, and if you are carting home a group of drunk friends, your attention might not be focused on the road either.

It may seem like the only option, but driving drunk should never be an option.

Luckily, there is a service in Des Moines to help. Des Moines Sober Drivers is a family-owned company that drives drunk passengers home.

One driver takes you back in your own vehicle, while another follows behind.

They will pick you up anywhere in Des Moines, drop off your friends and even make food stops on the way.

The company only started in 2010 but has grown quickly.

They are available every day of the week, Monday through Thursday until midnight, and Friday through Sunday they will pick people up until 3 a.m.

Usually, they ask customers to call half-an-hour in advance, a full hour before on holidays.

You can get a yearly membership with the company for $25.

This drops your pick-up rate. Members pay $30 for trips up to 20 miles with $0.50 per mile each mile over that.

Non-members are charged $40 for up to 15 miles and $1 for every mile past that.

Luckily, Drake is about three miles away from Downtown Des Moines.

So while the fees may seem a little steep, it is worth the price.

You would have to go pretty far to need more than 15 miles, and drunk driving is not something with which to mess.

Vodka may tell you that you are a good driver, but it also says you are a good dancer.

“People who drive drunk are seriously inconsiderate and ignorant,” said junior Haley Hicks. “You’re not just putting yourself in danger. You’re putting everyone else on the road at risk too.”

Senior Robert Starace agreed with her.

“That’s just something you don’t mess with. It’s dumb. There’s really no other way to put it,” Starace said.

If you find yourself stuck somewhere and do not want to risk the drive home, call 515-650-7073. Des Moines Sober Drivers will get you, your friends and your car, back home in one safe piece (maybe even with food).


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