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Intramural basketball update

Column by Joanie Barry

Joanie Berry Color-w800-h800Basketball is starting its fourth week of regular season play. Inevitably, as a season progresses, some teams start to stand out.

As a senior supervisor, I have a scouting advantage.

Not only have I gained wisdom from my many seasons rocking the black polo, but I have also been able to watch intramural franchises develop.

Throughout my tenure, I have noticed some teams that consistently contend for an intramural championship.

In today’s scouting report, I will highlight some of the top legacies to watch for this playoff season.

It seems unnecessary to highlight members of the fraternity league.

Many times social fraternities and sororities get more attention than other leagues.

However, this excess attention to the residents of 34th Street can overshadow the other Greeks on campus.

Professional fraternities have become consistent competitors on the IM fields. Fraternities like Alpha Kappa Psi, Kappa Psi and Phi Delta Chi have been contenders year after year.

This year is no different. Kappa Psi is the ranked No. 2 in men’s recreational league but still remains undefeated on the season.

The men’s rec AKPsi team, going by the name Beta Flyers, has only one loss for the season. Their loss came courtesy of Kappa Psi two weekends ago.

Phi Dex are also contenders year after year. Not only does Phi Dex compete strongly in coed and men’s leagues, it consistently brings out solid women’s teams. Phi Dex is currently ranked No. 2 in women’s recreational league. It  played the No. 1 ranked women’s team, Ballin’ Lawyers, this past Sunday.

This match brings up the next franchise to be highlighted: Drake Law School teams.

Law school teams have earned a reputation as tough, physical players. This extends throughout all leagues, including the women’s league.

As mentioned earlier, the Ballin’ Lawyers hold the No. 1 spot in women’s recreational league. I can personally vouch for this team’s toughness.

My team played them three weeks ago, and my bruises are finally starting to fade. This women’s team is intent on bringing home that coveted intramural T-shirt.

There are plenty of other teams who work hard in intramurals, but for the moment I am going to make a prediction for two more growing IM franchises.

One is DUC, also known as Drake’s Ultimate Club. I watched DUC’s only loss of the season last week. Despite its defeat, I was thoroughly impressed with its drive and playmaking abilities.

The second team I’ve been watching for a while is Fragile Porcelain Mice.

They have been around for three years. The team is currently 0-2, but I want to highlight it for two reasons: It goes far in playoffs in almost every IM sport, and it is a Cinderella story waiting to happen.

FPM has solid players who are struggling to find a team dynamic. However, as soon as they find a way to work together I expect them to be a bracket buster.

Keep these teams in mind as you prepare for playoffs. As always, stay safe and play ball.

Barry is a senior radio-television and secondary education double major and can be reached at joan.barry@drake.edu

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