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Meet the first-year senator candidates

Zachary Blevins

“I plan to be a true representative of the first-year class by continuously searching for problems in the first-year experience and, then, seeking solutions to improve Drake University as a whole.”

Travis Brauer

“I plan to bring a fresh, new perspective to Drake’s Student Senate and voice the general opinions and desires of my class.”

Aaron Feldmann

“If elected first-year senator, I would work hard to ensure all students feel welcome and included. I will receive feedback from students about events and work to improve all aspects of campus life.”

Jared Freemon

“First, I would like to have first-year participation in Student Senate meetings. Second, I would like to have more interaction between first-years and upperclassmen. Lastly, my top priority is hearing issues and problems pertaining to first-years.”

Daniel Hammer

“I wanted to run for first-year senator because I have a passion for representation and want to assist the Senate in improving the lives of all Drake students.”

Jacob Hewitt

“Priority number one would be that first-years all have a fun year with great academic success. I would also like to create more events where first-years can meet upperclassmen.”

Nathan Jacobson

“I plan on being a strong voice for the first-year class. I will bring effective leadership skills as well the desire to actively listen and respond to concerns of anyone in the first-year class.”

Jessica Richter

“This year, I want to focus and work on bringing the campus students closer to the Senate, so that the students are always being informed on events and decisions or what is being dealt with that benefits their wellbeing.”

Ryan Skajewski

“I plan to contribute to Drake University by fully committing myself to Student Senate. I plan on working hard and committing all of my effort to ensure that the school is an effective place to learn and live.”





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