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A Brooks family affair

Story by Ashley Beall

Photo Courtesy Ashley Brooks

golf_brooks-w2000-h2000Having a twin is rare, but so is having the opportunity to play on the same Division I team with her. Twins Ashley and Danielle Brooks are members of the Drake University women’s golf team and are a rarity amongst collegiate athletics.

Ashley and Danielle were actually born in Japan because their dad was stationed in the Navy there. They then moved to Florida and then back to Minnesota, where their parents were originally from, in time for the twins to start preschool. They both started playing golf in the 7th grade.

Ashley wasn’t originally a member of the Drake golf team. Danielle was actually being recruited by Drake and was planning on pursuing a collegiate golf career.

“She came with me to the dome one day for practice and that was where our coach saw her swing,” Danielle said.

Ashley became a member of the golf team during her sophomore year while Danielle started her career as a freshman.

Ashley, the older of the two by 20 minutes, doesn’t think it’s so strange to be playing on the same team as her sister.

“Well thinking about it, it is nothing out of the ordinary because we have always played on sports teams together. We played basketball, tennis, and golf together for many years; it is just normal. I enjoy playing with Danielle. It is nice to have someone always there with you,” she said.

While most people would assume that there is some sort of sibling rivalry between the two sisters, their teammates don’t notice it as much.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say they are super competitive with one another, but rather are more competitive in general,” sophomore teammate Katie Clausen said.

But between the two sisters, it’s a little more competitive than their teammates might think.

“There is always a little bit of sibling rivalry, whether it’s sports or academics. We have a competitive family so it is nice to have someone there to motivate you all the time.  Danielle plays great golf, but it is nice to give her a run for her money every once in a while,” Ashley said.

Ashley’s and Danielle’s teammates don’t have to worry about telling them apart because they are fraternal twins. However, they do have some other noticeable differences.

“We definitely have a different sense of humor. She is more slapstick and I’m more sarcastic. Personality-wise we are different, but we even each other out at the same time,” Ashley said.

As for the twins’ hope for this upcoming season, they are looking forward to having a great year.

“I think as a team we all want to continue to improve and stick together as a team through any challenges we might face. We all have high expectations and we will definitely be working hard every day,” Danielle said.


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