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Summer blockbusters

Column by Stephanie Kocer

Kocer is a sophomore magazines and English major and can be reached at stephanie.kocer@drake.edu

Kocer BW-w2000-h2000Summer is the best time to work on the tan you’ve been missing since school started and to catch some killer blockbusters. Luckily for us, this year’s selection of movies promises to bring lots of action and laughs. Here is a list of the top 10 flicks to check out this summer:


Iron Man 3”
Release date: May 3 


The first one was pretty good, but the second one was pretty bad. Maybe third time’s a charm? Either way we get to see the
adorable Robert Downey Jr., as genius Tony Stark, battle some bad guys that have taken over his life, and we may find out if the man makes the suit or if the suit makes the man.


Star Trek Into Darkness”
Release date: May 17

You probably can’t go wrong with J.J. Abrams. This time, the Enterprise crew discovers a force that has attacked Starfleet and has created major problems on Earth. Captain Kirk leads a dangerous manhunt to find the force behind it all.

8. “
Despicable Me 2”
Release date: July 3

Who doesn’t love those minions? This time Gru is back with his daughters and yes, the minions. In this sequel, Gru has been asked by the Anti-Villain League to take care of a new super-
villain played by Al Pacino
(I know, I laughed at that too).

7. “
Man of Steel”
Release date: June 14

Christopher Nolan likes to take superhero franchises that have been done one too many times, do them once more and make them cool again. This time he’s re-imagining Superman from the very beginning with an all-star cast including Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane and Henry Cavill as everyone’s favorite Kryptonian. This one’s sure to be the
summer’s top earner.


This is the End”
Release date: June 14

OK, this one is probably going to be beyond stupid, but come on James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and a bunch of other
hilarious dudes along with some random celebrities, including Emma Watson, playing themselves and bro-ing it out at the end of the world. Sounds pretty funny to me.

5. “
Monsters University”
Release date: June 21 

Pixar is taking us back in time to see how Mike and Sulley became friends. In this prequel, however, the college versions of themselves, majoring in scaring, don’t always see eye-to-eye. I’m interested to see how Pixar works out monster frat parties.

4. “
The Heat”
Release date: June 28

Whoever cast Sandra Bullock alongside Melissa McCarthy was a genius. Bullock plays the
uptight, rule-loving FBI agent while McCarthy is the plays–by-her-own-rules detective. They have to learn to work together
to take down a Russian mobster. I can’t wait.

3. “
The Hangover Part III”
Release date: May 24 

The first one was hilarious, the second was just downright scary and I don’t even want to know what the final film in the franchise will bring. Apparently, this time the guys don’t end up losing anyone after a dangerously drunken night. Instead, they take a road trip back to Vegas where it all began. Mr. Chow is back, and a new bad guy played by John Goodman is sure to bring some good laughs.
2. “
The Internship”
Release date: June 7 

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are middle-aged salesmen that have been pushed out of their jobs because of everything going digital. They then take internships at Google and have to try to outsmart young, digitally-minded college kids so the company will hire them. This film will be funny and timely.

1. “
The Great Gatsby”
Release date: May 10

I feel like we have been waiting for this movie to come out for way too long. I can’t think of anything more perfect than Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby. It’s directed by Baz Luhrmann who also directed “Moulin Rouge,”
so it’s going to be a visual
spectacle. I can’t wait to see the 1920s on the big screen with
DiCaprio in what is sure to be his best role yet.


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