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‘Social storm’

Column by Katherine Hunt

Hunt is a senior marketing and management double major and can be reached at katherine.hunt@drake.edu

Hunt-w2000-h2000Over the last few weeks, some new pages have taken the Drake University student social media platforms by storm. Several new Drake pages have popped up on popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Luckily for the students, these pages are much more appropriate and friendly than the nasty “Drake Insults” page that offended so many a few weeks ago. After doing a bit of research, I found four Drake student pages. Below are these pages with a bit of information on each and if they’re worth a student’s procrastination time.

Overheard at Drake (Facebook/Twitter): This page is available on both Facebook and Twitter. Keeping students’ and professors’ anonymity, this page posts quotes that a student overheard from a conversation or lecture. This way, no one’s feelings are hurt, and all comments are entertaining, yet appropriate. If you want a chuckle or sometimes even a laugh, I’d definitely check out this page.

DUStudentsNeverSay (Twitter): Now this page is probably my favorite out of all the Drake pages, because a Drake student never says any of these posts out loud. It’s actually just about the opposite. Generally, all comments are satirical in nature and are just meant to make students smile. After all, no Drake student says, “If you want a blow-off class, take chemistry.”

Drake Compliments (Facebook): This page seems to be a direct, passive counter page to the “Drake Insults” page that lasted maybe a week on Facebook. This page is all about giving credit and positive remarks to students who have done something wonderful or kind for others. This page also keeps the writer anonymous, so to the person being complimented, it came from a random Drake student. This page can really boost someone’s day and shows Drake students and the community that there are plenty of wonderful people around campus.

Drake Con (Facebook): Probably the most risqué of all the new Drake pages is Drake Con. Ever seen the music video to “Dirty Little Secret” by the All-American Rejects? Well, meet the Facebook version. This is a site for students to post secret confessions of things he or she has done.  Sometimes, just being able to tell an embarrassing or secret moment anonymously can be what a student needs to move past the incident. While I don’t recommend this page for laughs at all, this page is more for a personal gain by getting the weight of an embarrassing action off of one’s chest.

The pages listed above are just a few of the different pages that have sprouted up. Yes, these pages are entertaining. Yes, it’s fun to read what other students say or think. The only thing that I ask of these page administrators is that it is kept appropriate in the sense that it won’t be purposely insulting a student directly. No one wants to read some rude or hurtful comment that was aimed at them. After all, it’s just like grade school: treat others the way you want to be treated.


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