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Reining in the executive elections


Story by Emma Wilson

election3-w2000-h2000After a whirlwind of candidate disqualifications, reinstatements and Election Commission rulings Drake University Student Senate has its executive officers for the next school year.

Just after the announcement of  Joseph Gale’s reinstatement the Election Commission gathered at Pomerantz Stage. Onlookers consisting of current student senators and members of the student body waiting for Election Commission Co-Chair Matt Van Hoeck to make the announcements of the tentative results. Official results take a day to calculate.

Van Hoeck started with the uncontested races. Vice President of Student Life David Karaz won the student body president position with 868 votes.

Organizational Council Chair Natalie Larson won the Vice President of Student Activities position with 847 votes.

Technology Liaison Joseph Gale won the Vice President of Student Life position with 612 votes.

The three of them will help lead the next session of Student Senate for the 2013-14 school year.

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