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Two resign, replaced

Story by Emma Wilson

Student Senate returned to Drake University this semester with a relatively short meeting. It welcomed two new senators this week after Senators Napoleon Douglas of the Community Outreach Committee and Taylor Crow of the Organizational Council stepped down from their positions. President Amanda Laurent and David Karaz, the vice president of student life, appointed two new senators in their place. First-years Mollie Wheeler and Benjamin Lambrecht will be the new senators for Community Outreach and Organizational Council, respectively.

Drake’s Weight Lifting Club will be getting a new trainer. In order for the Weight Lifting Club to use the Knapp Center weight room, there must be a National Strength and Conditioning Association certified coach present. The Weight Lifting Club requested $1,092 to pay its trainer for the remainder of the year. There was little debate surrounding the issue and the move was passed unanimously.

The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences requested $1,300 from the Student Fees Allocation Committee to help fund costs associated with bringing speaker Tom Pomerantz to the Pharmacy and Health Science Days. Pomerantz will speak about working with people who are differently abled in his speech, “Sensitivity: An Empathetic Approach.”  Natalie Gadbois proposed an amendment to the funding allocation suggesting that the funding request be changed from $1,300 to $1,900. This in part was due to a change in the CPHS budget.

Exhibitors at the event typically fund Pharmacy and Health Science Days however, this year the event has brought out fewer exhibitors than previously expected. The organization expected last minute exhibitors to sign up when the initially requested funds from SFAC. The debate centered on the amendment was relatively limited once the organization’s financial situation was explained. The amendment was passed unanimously and the movement was passed by acclimation.

In officer reports Senator Stephen Slade brought up the faculty forum on plus-minus grading which will occur this Wednesday. Faculty will be voting on the issue from Feb. 13 to Feb. 21. The final decision on plus-minus grading will happen in the Faculty Senate meeting in March.


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