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APO: founded on friendship, giving back

Column by Madison Dockter
Dockter is a sophomore public relations and politics double major and can be reached at madison.dockter@drake.edu

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Spring semester is underway, classes have begun and the biting cold has come back with a vengeance. Huddled in the library with their laptops and lattes, students across Drake’s campus are asking themselves the same question: “How can I make this semester even better than the last?” Friends, the answer is not to dedicate all of your free hours to planning the most epic relays weekend of your dreams. Instead, try these three words on for size: leadership, friendship and service.

Alpha Phi Omega, Drake University’s co-ed service fraternity, is actively seeking new pledges to join its ranks. The fraternity, referred to as APO, consists of over 200 student leaders dedicated to giving back to Drake and the community while making friends and memories.

So why should you join APO? As a newly-activated member, I can say truthfully that being in APO has been a one-of-a-kind experience. Being in such a large fraternity offers the chance to make so many personal connections, both at Drake and in the Des Moines community. The variety of volunteer opportunities that the executive board offers is unmatched -— last semester, I earned hours throwing colored dust at the downtown Color Run and playing bingo with the elderly at Wesley Acres. Additionally, volunteer hours that you may need for other organizations can count toward APO requirements. Sounds pretty neat, right?

Outside of the service component, APO is dedicated to making sure its members truly enjoy the experience by emphasizing fellowship and friendship. Hang out with your new APO friends six times and you’ve met another fraternity requirement. Watch “How I Met Your Mother,” study together at Smokey Row or grab front row seats at a basketball game — things you do normally with a group become that much better when you’re getting to know your APO brothers.

If you remain unconvinced, I encourage you to stop by the APO booth at the Spring Involvement Fair, Feb. 6 from 5-7 p.m. in Upper Olmsted. Also, look out for our “AdventureTime”-themed promotional materials around campus that provide contact information if you have any questions. Recruitment week begins Feb. 11, so instead of deciding whether or not to commit yourself to watching all six seasons of “LOST” this semester, give APO a chance for a rewarding and memorable experience.

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