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Intramurals say goodbye to broomball competition

Barry is a junior radio-television and secondary education double major and can be reached at joan.barry@drake.edu.

I have some unfortunate news for some of you dedicated intramural fans. Some participants know that at the end of the first semester is a special season, broomball. Unfortunately, there will be no broomball this year. Please take a minute to process. I know this is hard to accept.

Broomball is a sport that goes unnoticed by most mainstream intramural athletes. Primarily reserved for former hockey players and Minnesotans, broomball has become under appreciated and too expensive. I know the few of us who have played intramurals in the past will never understand why it was so under appreciated.

I know that there are many complications with broomball. It is the only intramural sport that costs money to play. It is also the only sport that takes place off campus. Despite all of that, the positives outweigh the negatives. Hopefully, this article may inspire the mainstream athletes to reconsider the wonders of broomball.

Everyone knows that hockey players are tough and very dedicated. At a school like Drake University, intramural hockey is impossible. There is not enough interest or playing space to have an entire hockey season. However, most former hockey players at Drake realize that broomball is the closest option to hockey that they have. Yes, it is true that broomball is played on ice, with sticks and helmets, but the similarities stop there. There are no skates, just gym shoes. The ball is round and not a puck, and there is no padding besides the winter clothes that you wear. Now, picture this if you will. A bunch of passionate ex-hockey players trying to live out their golden years without skates. The result is a Drake version of “Wipeout.”

Another reason that broomball should be reincarnated is the fact that it allows you to be silly. Broomball season comes right before finals when tensions and stress are high. Broomball is the perfect cure to stress relief come finals season. As I mentioned earlier, broomball is played in gym schools on ice. This sounds like a recipe for disaster because it is a disaster. Most people get on the ice ready to prove their athleticism, take one step and fall flat on their face. You may ask me, why on earth would I do that to myself on purpose? You do it because it is fun. As soon as you realize that there is no way to look cool or dignified while playing this sport, you can just be free to have fun and be silly. The most challenging part of this game is not scoring a goal, but who can stay on their feet the longest.

Unfortunately, broomball will not be available this year. That does not mean we will not be able to embarrass ourselves on the rink next year.

In honor of broomball, the rule of today is kicking. In broomball, kicking the ball is not allowed. However, just like basketball, it has to be intentional for the call to be made. As always be safe, and play ball!


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