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Wanelo chronicles products

Ericson is a sophomore creative writing and French horn performance double major and can be reached at katie.ericson@drake.edu

I want it. I need it. I love it. Throughout the day these words are spoken countless times. Whether it is for a cute pair of shoes, a roll of paper towels or a bowl of ice cream, there is always something we want, need or love. Now, a team of designers and programmers in San Francisco have created a website that combines all of those emotions into one site — Wanelo (want, need, love).

Much like Pinterest, the website has a scrolling page of photos of items. They range from shirts and skirts to phones cases, jewelry and furniture. However, unlike Pinterest, this site directly offers the items for sale. There is no external link or website you have to travel to — the items can be bought directly on Wanelo.

Wanelo is a relatively new site — started in 2010 — and the program is still developing. Day by day more people are joining and creating their own pages, posting new pieces and adding to Wanelo’s vast collection. More companies are also joining Wanelo.

In addition to the pages of clothing created by shoppers, there are pages done by actual stores. These range from Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie to Victoria’s Secret. There is even a page of merchandise from the Museum of Modern Art. Each is validated by the staff of Wanelo, and then posts items directly from the store.

Of course, there is more to Wanelo than just buying clothes. When you create your own account, you are given your own page to put items on. They can be saved from the main Wanelo page as favorites to create a wish list that would come in handy this time of year. Items can also be added from external sites. Just like Pinterest, the site features an icon that can be added to the toolbar to make adding items easy.

Wanelo is all about making it easy for shoppers. If you are not near a computer, there is the mobile version for phones — no matter the carrier, along with the app for the iPhone and iPad. You can also track items on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.


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  1. Lexie Totten December 2, 2012

    Thank you Awww it must be so cute watching Boo singing Jingle Bells thanks you gave me a great idea now, I must start singing Xmas jingles to Jamie!Have a great day xx

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