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Trendy clothing found at Francy Pants


Photo: Luke Nankivell

While Drake University is in an older part of Des Moines, there are still a lot of great places near campus to go. Dog Town has always been popular with Planet Sub, Jimmy John’s and Mars Cafe. However, there is another attraction drawing in students.

Francy Pants, a local boutique on University Avenue, has caught several students’ eyes.

“I really love shopping at Francy Pants,” said sophomore Hannah Powers. “My first visit, I got a great pair of boots for an awesome price.”

The store opened in June 2011 and is run by Iowa Native Emily Zach. Raised by thrifty parents, Zach got the idea for a store with great quality clothing at great deal prices. Thus, her “brainchild” was born — Francy Pants.

The store is not your typical clothing shop. It specifically deals with clothing that has been repurposed.

This offers students a new opportunity. Zach understands that college students love to shop and have a tight budget, so she has a “deal” for them. If students bring in good quality, in-style and in-season clothing, they can have one of two offers. Students can receive 30 percent in cash of what the store plans to sell their item for or receive 55 percent of the price in store credit.

Clothing to trade-in can be anything -— shirts, shoes, jewelry, dresses, jackets, etc. However, it must be in good quality. Zach reserves the right to turn down any item that doesn’t meet Francy Pants’ standards. Currently, Francy Pants had its summer sale and is only looking at clothing for fall and winter seasons.

The store can have rather eclectic hours. A quick way to check and learn when they are open is to Facebook message Francy Pants. The site lists its hours, but these are not always correct. Leave a message the day before you visit Francy Pants to make sure your trip is successful.

This is also a great way to see if Francy Pants has room in its inventory for any clothes you want to sell. List your articles of clothing with your question.

Their page also shows mannequins dressed by Zach. From sweaters to coats to vests, the website shows them all along with  prices. It is an easy way to window shop. Prices usually ranges between $5 and $20.

You can learn about the store by visiting the website francypantsdsm.com/. The shop is located at 2417 University Ave. They are open Wednesday to Friday 3 – 7 p.m. and Saturday from 12 – 5 p.m.


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