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Respect election results

Steier is a first-year law, politics and society and rhetoric double major and can be reached at brianna.steier@drake.edu

Social media is a hotbed for public opinion, especially during election seasons. The wise take a break from social media during this point in time, but the rest of us are subjected to an onslaught of biased opinions, as if we don’t get enough of that from the TV ads.

If pre-election wasn’t bad enough, the social media blitz didn’t stop after Tuesday. Some of the most colorful commentary was posted after the results from both parties. I’ll share my personally favorite themes that I stumbled upon in my Facebook escapades.

“Obama won? Pack the bags, we’re moving to Canada.”

All right, let’s back up the overreaction train. You’re not leaving the country. If you are, I’m curious as to why Canada is your country of choice, considering Canada’s government is significantly more socialist than our United States. But go ahead, I’ll call the U-Haul.

“Good thing Obama was re-elected, now I won’t have to worry about the women I love going out alone.”

Yes, conservatives were not on their game regarding sensitivity to sexual assault during the campaign (see Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock). However, I am almost certain that had Gov. Mitt Romney been elected, our women would not have had to be afraid to go outside. I’m sorry, but having a leader with a “binder full of women” as our Commander-in-Chief does not equate to a “free-for-all” on the women of this country.

“What’s next? I can marry my dog?”

Not only is this status just plain rude and offensive, it is also extraordinarily ignorant. No, friend, gay marriage will never lead to marrying your dog, no matter how much we love our furry friends. Women’s right to vote never led to the right for guinea pigs to vote. Black people are now allowed to attend school with white people, does that mean my goldfish has an equal right to education? No, of course not. These assumptions are ludicrous. You and your dog will just have to settle — my apologies.

I guess what I’m really trying to say by sharing these examples is that Republican, Democrat, conservative or liberal, we are all American and should not let the election of our leader define what we stand for. How are we able to be a force in today’s world if we cannot stand behind our leader? No matter what party they may belong to, the president will never work for the demise of our country, they will lead in their own way and they will protect the American people to the best of their ability. The least we can do is have respect for our leaders, our fellow Americans, and also, our social media community by thinking before we post.


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