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‘Snarky’ letter to the editor, money sparks ethical debate

Photo by Lauren Horsch, editor-in-chief

I receive a lot of weird things in the mail. Mostly it’s just 9/11 conspiracy theories and CDs of bands that want coverage. On Friday though, I think the zenith of weird pieces of mail came to my mailbox.

I picked up my mail from the offices in Meredith Hall. I had one piece of handwritten mail. It was addressed “Letters to the Editor, School Paper.” Cool, right? Who sends hand-written mail these days? Not a lot, mostly just my grandparents and…well yeah, just my grandparents. It was also from Las Vegas, Nev. I was intrigued, so I opened it.

Inside was “The Ten Commandments of Republican Politicians” and a $10 bill. I have no idea how to deal with this. One, the commandments are snarky and weird. Second, why would someone send a $10 bill with it? I mean, is it ethical to spend that money on donuts for my staff? Should I send it back? It’s a dilemma. I was really uncomfortable about to be honest.

I haven’t been able to get into contact with the person who sent it to me (mostly because I can’t find her phone number). The staff here at the TD is debating sending the money back, as there was a return address.

I’m still just flabbergasted at this point.  What would you do? Is it even ethical to keep the money? Well, the staff is going to figure it out and get back to you.


Horsch is a junior news/Internet and rhetoric double major. She serves as the TD's Editor-in-Chief. She has been on staff for three years and has been the editor since January 2012.

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