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Marketing book offers insight

Mecham is a first-year psychology major and can be reached at zachary.mecham@drake.edu

How many of you know where you’re going to work when you get out of college? How many of you feel that your hopes for getting a job in this economy are dimming? No matter where you stand politically, it can’t be argued that even for people going to a great university like Drake University, the job market is rough. How does one stay competitive in a job market like this? One man has found the answer and he was gracious enough to share his secret with the world in his book “A Whole New Mind.”

Dan Pink takes you inside the mind, illustrating the constructs of the brain to explain how the world is soon to be dominated by right brain-dominated individuals. Right brain-dominated individuals are the conceptual thinkers: people who see patterns, create things, empathize with others, people who are artists or who make meaning. These are the people who will get ahead in the modern world.

Pink cites a lot of evidence supporting his theory, like the increasing number of companies searching for people who have graduated with a master of fine arts degree as opposed to hiring somebody with a master of business administration (sorry to all of you business and actuarial science majors out there). He also points out that linear, left brain-related jobs are being automated and outsourced to places like India and China.

In the book, there are six different right brain-related aptitudes that Pink says will have growing importance in the future job market. Those six aptitudes are: design, story, sympathy, empathy, play and meaning. These six right brain aptitudes all have their own chapters, explaining their importance, citing evidence to prove relevance and finally, giving activities to develop these right brain aptitudes.

The book is only 267 pages long and it’s really easy to read. It is worth every second of time you put into reading it, because it really opens your eyes to the changing world around you. If you don’t know what you want to do with your life, I recommend this book as a guide.

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