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Introducing Morgan Reid

Grenfell is a junior public relations and management double major and can be reached at carly.grenfell@drake.edu.

You’ve probably seen her face on posters in local restaurants, walking throughout campus or running ball in the Knapp Center. Her muscles are one of her finest qualities. Did you guess the 5’11” junior from Kansas City, Miss.? Ding, ding, ding, you got it! Here is your exclusive behind-the-scenes look into Bulldog number 21, junior Morgan Reid.

Carly Grenfell: What is your favorite part about Drake Women’s Basketball?
Morgan Reid: I love my team, and the free stuff is an extra bonus too.

CG: Who is the funniest person on the team, besides you?
MR: (Sophomore) Liza Heap. She says the most outrageous things and they always catch me off guard. You’d think I would be used to it after two years, but no. One of the funniest things she does is yell at people through the car window.

CG: How has it been coming back from ankle surgery?
MR: I have a new perspective on basketball. I get really excited to learn and play because I guess we all take things for granted when things are going well. I have a new way to view things. It has definitely made me a lot more thankful and grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given.

CG: How much can you bench press?
MR: Around 190 pounds.

CG: What are your predictions for this season?
MR: I think we are going to surprise a lot of people. So many people have written us off because we no longer have the leadership of Rachael Hackbarth. This new coaching staff has us working really hard, so expect big things.

CG: Who is your favorite professional athlete and why?
MR: Growing up, it was Marion Jones. I remember watching the Olympics with my family when I was younger. And with my dad being a track runner, we were all paying close attention. I watched her win, and it was really cool to see. But I do not condone the use of performance enhancers.

CG: If you could describe our fans in one word, what would it be?
MR: Loyal. No matter if we win or lose, they are always supportive. They are great people to be around and hold us to a high standard. We will do whatever it takes to not let them down.

CG: I heard you are a good dancer. What is your favorite song to do dance to?
MR: “Domino,” by Jessie J. Check the footage from the 2012 Athlete Talent Show. I danced to it before just about every game last season. It got me ready to go.

CG: Any last thoughts?
MR: We are working hard to give you a good show for the season. Games are quickly approaching, come out and cheer for us! BE BLUE.

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