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Intricate Nail art can be a quick style fix for any occasion

Tozer is a senior magazines major and can be reached at emily.tozer@drake.edu

The only form of nail art I knew about when I was younger was that Hawaiian-looking flower that manicurists would give you without asking, only to charge you more for it later. Now, thanks partly to Pinterest, it seems like every girl’s nails are always adorned with perfectly straight sideways French tips, intricate leopard spots, tiny stripes, full sentences in flawless calligraphy or the Mona Lisa (I’m not exaggerating – Google it). You don’t even have to be an artist, or remotely talented at holding a small brush, to get cool tips. A lot of brands, including Sally Hansen and OPI, make decorated decals made of real polish that you can peel off, stick on and voila – manicure art.

And if you’re feeling stuck in a style rut, nails are a super easy (and temporary) way to change up your look. You may have gotten inspired by Oscar de la Renta’s runway look and feel like heading for the bleach to don turquoise-streaked locks, but that’s a pretty permanent impulse. For a similar feel, paint four nails on each hand with turquoise polish and one with gold sparkles (contrasting ring fingers are common).

Or maybe you’ve looked in your closet and can’t seem to find anything but black, black and more black. A few bottles from OPI’s latest collection are a lot more wallet-friendly than a new wardrobe. But hold off on the letters, faces and truly wacky designs if you work in a conservative office or have an upcoming job interview, because well-groomed tips (or the opposite) are one of the first things people notice about you. Otherwise, feel free to experiment with tricks and techniques to getting those newspaper-print nails juuuuust right.

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