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Five ‘cringe-worthy’ looks in fall fashion to avoid

A not-all-inclusive list of cringe-worthy fashion choices:

Kitten Heels

Women wear heels for many reasons, among them, to elongate their legs and to add height. A kitten heel is a thin heel (not a wedge) with a height of 1.5 inches or less. They’re not more comfortable, they’re not better for your feet and they’re not cute. If you’re worried about being too tall, or don’t want to totter around work or class in stilettos, opt for three-inch heels without a platform; they’re much more flattering.

Fringe Vests

Unless it’s Halloween, and you are dressed as some variation of a hippie, or you got caught in a bad situation with a suede cutter, there should not be fringe hanging off of your vest. You could have a great outfit on under there, but when it’s topped with fringe, the whole thing looks “costume-y.” Tuxedo-style vests are pretty popular, but they’re not the easiest to wear. If you’re stuck on the vest thing find a longer, cardigan-style one. They’re universally flattering and perfect for this time of year.

Jean Skirts

In this case, I need to make a distinction between jean skirts and denim skirts. Jean skirts are what you’re probably picturing while you’re reading. They look like you unfolded the cuffs on your mom’s cutoffs and cut the crotch open. Worst-case scenario: ruffles, pleats or frayed edges are involved. Very few styles of denim skirts are appropriate — the wash is darker, the material is blended and has a bit of stretch, and the cut is A-line or pencil. These are just a tad more casual than your typical office-appropriate skirt.

UGG Boots

Come November, I know a majority of girls on this campus will be schlepping to and from class with their boot cut jeans sloppily half-tucked into their salt-stained sheepskins. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you may want to invest in a full-length mirror. Leather or faux leather boots in black or cognac are much more versatile and look a hundred times nicer. And if you can’t bear the thought of walking around all winter without the plush sole, get a pair of slippers and wear them around your dorm — only around your dorm.

Logo Tees

It seems like the pretty universal middle school uniform to walk around looking like a human billboard. And with ‘Hollister’ splashed across your chest in washed-out, sewn on letters, that’s where you appear to belong — same goes for those with cheeky sayings or vague quotes. I know people get pretty set in their ways, and I’m not saying you have to break up with T-shirts for good. In fact, I encourage you to stock up on solid tees in a rainbow of shades. They’re a wardrobe staple, and much more age-appropriate.

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