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Brief meeting approves new organization

Photo by Lauren Horsch, editor-in-chief

This past week Student Senate was quick and painless after coming back from fall break.  Two motions were put on the floor and reports/issues were at a minimum.

Senate unanimously approved the new organization Gamma Iota Sigma, an actuarial science and insurance professional fraternity.  There was some concern about whether or not Gamma Iota Sigma would overlap too much with the Drake Actuarial Students Society, but the new organization has a plan in place to differentiate them from DASS, as well as cooperating with them on some events.

Gamma Iota Sigma will be open to actuarial science and finance majors, as well as insurance minors.  It is an international organization that offers scholarships to its members and offers networking events and other opportunities. It plans to continue organizing this semester while aiming to start recruitment next semester.

Senate agreed to vote on the revisions to its mission statement next week.

Sen. Daniel Pfeifle reported that the College of Arts and Sciences will be changing its mission statement to be more in line with Drake University’s.

Sen. Ekta Haria reported that if Student Senate decides to implement Zimride, the online ride sharing site, it will save $2,500 right off the bat, and since Drake would be the first school in Iowa to use it, it would also save an additional $2,000 annually.  Zimride would replace the paper rideboard located outside of the Student Life Center at the Olmsted Center.

Sen. Stephen Slade reported that the academic affairs committee formally approved this winter’s J-term.  Faculty Senate sent out a survey to students this past week regarding plus/minus grading and will be discussing it again during its Nov. 15 meeting.

Student Senate will be serving dinner at Hubbell Dining Hall this Wednesday from 3:30-7 p.m.

Satellite/early voting at Drake will be on Oct. 23 and on-site registration will be available.


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