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‘Vocal’ play dominates volleyball competition

Barry is a junior radio-television and secondary education double major and can be reached at joan.barry@drake.edu.

Volleyball is in its third week of play and the competition is already heated.  Some people think Tuesdays are boring. They are not quite as bad as Mondays, but there is still a long way until Friday. If you are one of those people who think Tuesdays are boring, stop by the Bell Center. It is definitely more exciting than Cowles at 9 p.m.

The past two weeks I have been supervising Tuesday nights. Tuesdays are one of our busiest nights, and you can tell by the atmosphere. Walking into the Bell Center, you are bombarded with screams of aced serves and missed sets. You see dedicated athletes sacrificing their bodies to save a ball from out of bounds. These athletes know that every game counts when your season is only four weeks long.

Tuesday nights include teams from competitive co-recreational, women’s competitive and women’s sorority. The competition was fierce and vocal this week. One of the most vocal games on the court was a co-rec game, “Set it and Forget it” versus “Seeing is Believing.” At my sign-in post by the door, I could hear the screams from three courts down.

Another riveting game came courtesy of “The Gypsies” versus “The Graduates.” They were the last game of the night and they played past 11 p.m. On a side note, thank you ladies for letting us earn the extra hours. After the first game it seemed that “The Graduates” were going to dominate the rest of the match, but “The Gypsies” stepped it up and won the second game of the night. The final game was a back and forth battle. Each team served well and played hard. In the end, “The Graduates” pulled out a win, though it wasn’t easy. It might be too early to make  predictions, but I hope to see those two teams in the playoffs.

I also want to bring up a new regular item that I will be mentioning in my columns. It seems every week the supervisor staff is informed by our officials that people seem to be unaware of basic rules of intramurals. I have decided to end some of my columns with a tip to help everyone learn the rules.

This week’s helpful reminder is about hats. Hard brimmed hats are only allowed during softball season. Stocking caps or beanies are allowed during outdoor sports but anything with a hard brim is not permitted. We know that hat hair is a serious fashion faux pas, but it is our job to keep you safe. So, please leave your hats on the sideline. We promise not to judge your hat hair.

It is fairly early in the season for intramural sports, but that doesn’t keep people from playing their hearts out. Officials and supervisors love competitive games. It makes our job more fun. So, thank you for being such dedicated intramural athletes. There is more fun to come when football and soccer seasons take off. Until then, be safe and play ball!


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