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Size, tailored clothes matter

Recently I went shopping for a white blouse. I’ve gone shopping for a white blouse in the past, but never found one I liked enough to buy. Finally, the need for a white blouse in my wardrobe became great enough that I decided I wasn’t leaving Jordan Creek Mall without one. At my fourth store, I found the perfect one: true white color, plain collar, soft fabric — the works. And available in every size but mine (small). I bought the medium. So it’ll just be a little big, no big deal!

Sound familiar? This wasn’t my first incident. I’ve even described my shoe size in the past as “eight, but I can be a 7.5 or 8.5 for a really cute pair.” And those free T-shirts they hand out with promotions or at events, or when you sign up to receive emails for the rest of your life — why are they always size XXL? You take them anyway, because they’re free, but wearing it will just make you look huge.

The real deal is that the fit of clothing is really important. Yes, sizes might vary from store to store. You might be a large at H&M and a small at Gap, a six at one store and an eight at another. The shape of shirts, the cut of dresses, the stretch in denim — these are all things that vary from brand to brand and have a huge impact on the way clothes look on. That’s why it’s better just to try things on.

Yes — big, baggy clothes or clothing that is too tight, can make you look bigger. Think Goldilocks when you shop and wait until you find a piece that is just right. Take the blouse for instance; it should be loose enough that you can lift your shoulders above your head comfortably. Jeans should be a little snug when you buy them, because they’ll stretch as they’re worn. Keep in mind that if you don’t love it in the store/fitting room, you’re not going to love it at home. Case and point: I’ve still got an absolutely adorable pair of size 7.5 fuchsia heels in their box because, cute as they are, they don’t fit.

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