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Rivalries enhance competition

Barry is a junior radio-television and secondary education double major and can be reached at joan.barry@drake.edu.

Sundays are for football, and if you play intramurals, soccer as well. Those two sports just wrapped up the first week of play and Sundays are definitely intense.

Men’s Fraternity League, one of the most competitive leagues in football, is played on Sundays. We all know that some of the most historic rivalries are within the Greek system. Football definitely highlights those. This Sunday’s games might even suggest some new rivalries to come.

One of those comes from a surprising showing from Sigma Alpha Epsilon. In the past, SAE has not dominated the intramural playing fields. However, if you were in attendance during the FIJI and SAE game, you would have seen otherwise.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon arrived with, not only a full offense and defense, but also an experienced coach to help them with their play calling. Even with these new resources, it is tough to go up against a seasoned FIJI team. The final result showed that FIJI’s experience trumped the depth of the SAE team. Even with that loss, I would not be surprised to see a lot more of SAE in the future of intramurals. If SAE represents the changing face of intramurals then PIKE is the team that holds us to our traditions.

In the past, PIKE has dominated the intramural gridiron. No team has come close to PIKE’s legacy in competitive league intramural football. For 14 consecutive years, PIKE has held the championship title. The run was thwarted two years ago.

This year, PIKE’s team has scaled back in size but still has the fundamental skills of a championship team. On Sunday, they beat Theta Chi, though it should be noted that Theta Chi held their own even with a small team. That leaves one more Sunday rivalry game, the classic battle of the Sigmas, Sigma Chi versus SigEp.

Unfortunately, after the all the build up of a great rivalry game, there was a slight disappointment in the air. As a supervisor, it was my duty to use the dreaded “F” word of intramurals, forfeit. The game was called due to a lack of Sigma Chi players. However, those of you concerned about the state of the Sigma Chi’s team eligibility, don’t worry. There has been a rule change.

In the past, when a team forfeited the first game of the season, they could not play the rest of the season. This year, a team is removed from the league when they forfeit two games. If you have any questions about this change, check the Intramural League’s website; everything is in writing there. If you have additional questions feel free to contact Bill Moorman. This new rule update leads me to the last part of my column.

This week, I have a very important rule reminder. Trust me when I say you all need to know this rule, especially ladies playing intramurals. Earrings have become a serious issue this year.

At intramurals, we play by high school rules and those rules state that earrings are not allowed. Yes, that means you CANNOT tape earrings. They need to be out of your ears. There are absolutely no exceptions. It does not matter if you have new piercings or if you need pliers to take them out. If you have serious concerns, with this then please contact Bill Moorman, but please keep in mind that we are just trying to keep you safe. As always, we want you to have as much fun as possible. So stay safe and play ball!


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