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Pumpkin color, lattes ring in our fall wardrobe

Graphic courtesy of Emily Tozer

The first leaves turning colors. The first pumpkin spice latte of the season. The first Halloween decorations in stores. Yes, fall is here. And that means it’s time to pull out the fall fashion. It always seems easier for me to dress cute in fall clothes after an over-a-hundred-degree summer wanting to wear as little clothing as is appropriate. So you can fold away or send home the shorts and flip flops, but, luckily, a lot of summer pieces can be worked into fall with the right layers. You know what that means — scarves and boots and sweaters, oh my!

The leaves aren’t the only things that change colors when the season changes. The color palette of your wardrobe changes a bit, too. There are those basic colors that just evoke the feeling of fall: rich brown leathers, burnt orange, mustard yellow, plum and dark red are the first that come to my mind. And if you’re still left wondering, Pantone comes out with a color report of it’s own for each season. Fall 2012 includes French roast, honey gold, pink flambé, tangerine tango, ultramarine green, bright chartreuse, Olympian blue, titanium, rhapsody and rose smoke. A few bold colors mixed with some muted and darker neutrals make for a pretty autumnal palette.

It’s easy to fall (pun intended) into a routine of leggings and sweatshirts around this time. I get it — it’s pretty nice to go to class feeling as comfortable as you do when you’re going to sleep. But do you think you pay attention and learn best when you can trick your brain into thinking you’re in bed? No. Besides, it’s just as easy to dress nice, even semi-nice, and be just as cozy. Swap the sweatshirt out for a soft knit cardigan, add a scarf and tall boots and you’re set — pumpkin spice latte optional.

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