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Long distance love requires patience, trust

“Goodbye my love.”

“It’s not goodbye. It’s ‘I will see you later.’” This a pretty typical exchange between couples who are about to be separated for some time just as it was when I said goodbye to my boyfriend when I started my professional internship in Florida. As tears are wiped away, plans begin to form about how to keep the relationship strong and healthy. While going away may be for the best, such as going to college or working at an internship, it can be damaging and even fatal to any relationship. Here are some key factors to keep in mind next time Romeo is separated from Juliet.

1. Communication. No good relationship lacks communication. Communication is absolutely vital in maintaining a relationship, so taking the extra couple minutes to send your beloved a “cute” good night message can make all the difference. Keep in contact via Skype, texting, calling, FaceTime, otherwise, the couple will move in separate directions.

2. Distance. On the flip side of this coin, it’s also important to remember that your partner does still need some distance. Being on Skype with them 24/7 doesn’t make you devoted – it makes you clingy. You can’t be making the most of any experience if all you’re doing is curled up on your bed staring at a computer screen all day.

3. Trust. This may sound like preaching, but speaking from personal experience, it’s necessary. If your significant other says they’re going to the movies with friends, let them go. Don’t get mad and upset because they’re having fun without you. Take the opportunity to go out and do something fun as well like a movie or a new activity.

4. Visit! Nothing quite says how much someone cares for you like when they come and visit. Wouldn’t it be nice for the prince and princess to see what’s new and exciting in each others’ lives up close and personal? Visiting helps couples remember how strong and important their relationship is together.

If you can stick to these fundamental elements, your relationship, nearby or long distance, should survive and only get stronger. I survived my long distance relationship trial that was eight months and half a country away. I’m not saying there won’t be arguments, but every couple argues over at least one thing, even if it’s the type of milk to buy.


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