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‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ difficult to translate to cinema

Austin is a sophomore creative advertising major and can be reached at haley.austin@drake.edu

Coming off the summer, the lovely ladies at Drake University may be feeling more hot and bothered than ever before. Not just because it’s been beyond hot these first couple of weeks, but because of this summer’s hottest read: “Fifty Shades of Grey.” The trilogy takes readers by handcuffs to a sex life that many can’t even dream of. Very wealthy, mysterious, Christian Grey snatches up young, virginal Anastasia Steel, and the two embark on a crazy sex life together, basically.

“Fifty Shades” has swept the nation by storm. Women everywhere have picked up their copies of the book and haven’t looked back since. But what happens when the books are over?

A movie.

In the works is a movie version of “50 Shades of Grey.” Now, after having read the trilogy in a time span of about three days, I’m not exactly sure how they can make a movie. The book is all sex with a few dinner dates where the two discuss terms of their relationship and somehow end up boning in the car, on the way home, in the elevator, the shower or in the “red room of pain.”

Back to the movie. My fear for this movie deal is the “soft porn” direction that the first movie will likely take. Anyone who has read the books will agree that the book has a deeper meaning than just crazy, kinky, BDSM sex. There’s a level of sheer fear, respect and trust that has to go into their relationship to make it work. It takes three books to unfold this love story, but it becomes good around books two and three. A movie revolving around only the first book could potentially kill the possibility for this trilogy to go past first base. The movie could also ruin the fun of imagining the mysterious beauty that is Christian Grey. Some things are just better left up to the imagination. Some books are better left as a book. I have a feeling “Fifty Shades of Grey” will be one of those books.


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