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Crafting personalizes rooms, allows creativity to flow

College students everywhere are rewarding themselves with quick study breaks. The most obvious time waster is Facebook, but more and more students have been indulging in Pinterest. Eyes are glazed over, minds are blank and social interactions have suddenly disappeared. With the temptation every few minutes to “See More Pins” it can become an easy addiction.

Pinterest is an online pin board. Members ‘pin’ different pictures that represent websites with more detail on the picture. Pinners post pictures of everything: weddings, crafts, jokes, food, workouts, celebrity photos, you name it.

Some Drake students go above and beyond and actually fulfill the stories behind each pin. First-year Rachel Munoz has been pinning for a while now and goes on about twice a week to see what is new. She has made several food appetizers like buffalo chicken dip, chicken salad and caramel brownies. The recipes found on Pinterest were easy, quick and delicious. Rachel has also used hairstyles off of pinterest like the fishtail braid and the perfect messy bun.

For those not familiar with the Pinterest lingo, there is a large category called DIY or do it yourself. Another Drake student, Emily Sadecki has completed several DIY crafts including a crayon art canvas, a clothespin pictures organizer and an earring organizer. All of her projects have taken her between 30 minutes to an hour. She explained that her crayon art was the most fun. She had to blow dry the crayons until they melted. Then she simply wrote some of her favorite quotes onto the canvas using a marker. Emily also made a convenient earring holder using an old picture frame that she found. All she had to do was fill the space in between the frame with chicken wire and she was done.

For those that are not as crafty, Pinterest could still be for you. From scarves to bro-tanks there are easy ways for the non-artistic to join the DIY trend.

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