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Top 5 reasons to volunteer at the Drake Relays 44th Annual ‘On the Roads’ race

1)  Free t-shirt! I don’t know about you, but I will do almost anything for a free t-shirt! Registering to volunteer at any of the different stations, whether it is at the packet pick-up earlier in the week or at the race finish line, means that you will be the proud recipient of a Drake Relays “On-the-Road” t-shirt! Also, who doesn’t love free food? Like most 8K and half-marathon races, this race will have tons of food for the runners after they cross the finish line and whatever is left at the end is fair game for the volunteers!

2)  You get to be a part of something greater than yourself. Many people running in this race have been training for several months and getting to be at the finish line and award them with their medal after they finish is such a gratifying experience. Plus, there are always entertaining runners such as the guy who juggles across the finish line!

3)  You don’t need a car to get to your volunteer spot. There are various opportunities to volunteer for the race leading up to it on April 28th and all are on campus. The packet pick-up is at St. Catherine’s on Wednesday, April 25th and since the race takes place around the campus, there is no need to find your own transportation to the site.

4)  Need volunteer hours? If you are a part of an organization that requires volunteer hours, this would be a great chance to complete your requirement before the chaos of finals begins. Due to the wide amount and variations of volunteering opportunities, you could log a ton of hours that week.

5)  Getting involved with the Relays “On-the-Road” race this year could lead to a bigger role next year, like being on the race committee, which not only looks great on a résumé, but brings you closer to the Drake Relays, one of Drake’s richest and most exciting traditions.

Register to volunteer at http://drakerelays.volunteerlocal.com/volunteer/?id=689 or contact Chris Burch at ontheroads@drake.edu


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