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Relays Edition

International Love: Kong Foo and Meng

Photo submitted by Xu and Pang

There’s a couple that became the center of attention in both the Malaysian Students’ Association and the Chinese Student Association. Kong Foo Pang, from Malaysia, and Meng Xu, from China, both major in actuarial science.

The first time Pang laid  eyes on Xu was during an actuarial science class. As months passed, Xu’s feelings towards Pang blossomed. However, being the very analytical, straightforward person Pang is, he did not assert his feelings for her. Rather, Xu built up the courage to make the first move and confessed her feelings to him first.

Xu planned to prepare Pang’s favorite noodle dish on the night of her confession. However, when Pang came home exhausted from work he did not notice the dish that was placed on the kitchen counter and went straight to bed. She was devastated from his reaction.

“With his unexpected response, in the back of my mind I really thought that we would remain as just friends,” Xu said.

After a week had gone by, Pang responded to her confession by holding her hand. This marked the beginning of their relationship.

Their love has remained strong after a year being together.

“If I have some conflicts with my friends, he will always be there to support me,” Xu said.

“She’s very sensitive. Whenever she notices that I’m being unusually quiet, she’ll definitely question me straightaway,” Pang said. “And she’s always there for me whenever I need her.”

They’re planning to visit to each other’s families in both Malaysia and China this coming summer. They are looking forward to a future together.

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