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Hubbell Trouble: Don’t get antsy, just get fancy

Kramer is a sophomore broadcast journalism major and can be contacted at mackenzie.kramer@drake.edu.

Hamilton is a sophomore advertising major and can be contacted at hilary.hamilton@drake.edu

Let’s set the scene: We were at Hubbell with Madison. It was a visit day and the long lines went on and on. We were in a time crunch yet still craving something delicious. After a couple laps the only thing in sight were quesadillas. Let’s face it, a cheese quesadilla isn’t very filling and is super boring so we made it better. Hence, the Fancy Quesadilla.

Acquire the following:

Cheese quesadilla



Black Beans

Black Olives


Variety of Cheeses

Shredded Lettuce (by the condiments)


Slowly open up the quesadilla, exposing the inner workings. Dump all of your ingredients onto one side of the quesadilla. Close it and panini it. Once we got our gorgeous bronzed lines on our quesadilla we topped it with cheese and microwaved it. We ate it with salsa and it was yummy. Nom nom nom.

Our favorite thing about this is the versatility. For example, you could also get some grilled chicken from the salad line or add other things are being cooked up in Hubbell that you want to toss on a cheesy tortilla.

Since everyone else is doing it: YOLO,

Hubbell Trouble


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1 Comment

  1. bakon lover April 13, 2012

    So the other day at Hubbill I try to make a bakon on my. quesada -but that women tell me no bakon. Infueriatied.

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