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Dogtown After Hours hits campus again

Photo by Elizabeth Robinson, managing editor

Last year Drake became famous after breaking a Guinness World Record for the largest custard pie fight. Over 671 people came, fought and got covered in creamy custard.

With this being the second year of the event, Drake’s going even further with 2012’s Dogtown After Hours.

“Last year’s even was awesome, but we are hoping that this awesome theme will get students excited about the event.,” DTAH’s Co-Chair junior Jessica Hamilton said.

If you’ve passed by Olmsted recently, then you’ve already seen part of the plan. This year’s theme, created by the Executive Councils of Herriott and Crawford Hall, is “Bucket Lists.”

A black chalkboard wall was recently constructed outside of Olmsted and students were invited to write their own bucket list hopes on it. Some of the writings were serious, others were more light hearted.

“Legalize marriage in all 50 states,” and “Threesome!” were some of the bucket list items.

By late Monday the board was covered in brightly colored hopes.

Even more dreams are being uncovered on Facebook.

Currently DTAH is holding a competition on the site for a $25 Visa gift card. Students post a photo and bucket list accomplishment. The photo with the most likes will win the gift card.

First-year Elyse Webb is in the lead with 84 likes for her wish: “whale watching and sailing in the pacific ocean with my best friend!” Following her with 37 is junior Katherine Fritcke who recently met Liam Hemsworth.

Twenty-seven students have entered the contest so far. Students still have the opportunity to enter their photos on the DTAH Facebook page.

This is only a preliminary event, though. You’ll need to turn in photos before April 13. Starting at 10 p.m. in the Olmsted Center, the games will begin. Back in February, posters were put up around campus for students to write their own bucket lists on. After these were collected, SAB chose the favorites.

“Everything planned is meant to be an accomplishment for you,” said Vice President of Student Life Matthew Van Hoeck. “We hope you leave Dogtown with a new skill or a new experience under your belt.”

Among the top-ranked are Cash Cab, a silent disco, and Minute-to-Win-it. There will also be a room for personal records and one for creating a masterpiece. If these still aren’t on your bucket list then there will also be Henna art, palm readers, and the mentalist Chris Carter. Somehow all of these activities have been fit into Olmsted along with $4000 worth of free food from five different continents.

Each activity also offers the chance to win big, too. Many offer a chance to win raffle tickets, and the first 50 people to each event automatically receive and extra ten tickets.

Van Hoeck said many of the wishes students put down on the bucket lists were impossible to do during DTAH.

“Because we can’t actually do those things at the event, we decided to give students an opportunity to do this things at a later time.”

Up for grabs are a skydiving session, a Des Moines helicopter ride for you and a friend, and a free pass to go on a hot air balloon ride. There will also be two Xbox 360s and an iPad in the raffle. All of these prizes will be won through raffles. After you receive your raffle ticket, you can put it in a drawing for whichever prize you want.

Blacklight Dodgeball will also be a feature at DTAH. This is DTAH’s new record to break. Held at the end of the night, the winners of this game will receive a special prize.

The event is free for all Drake students to attend.

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